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Control Panel Documentation User Guide for Left Menu Skin




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Aliases are alternative addresses for your existing mailboxes. Here you will learn how to:


Creating an Alias

To create an alias:

  1. Select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu.
  2. At the bottom of the page that appears, click Add new mail resource:

  3. Choose Mail alias in the drop-down box:

  4. Click Next.
  5. Agree with the charges, if any.
  6. Fill the form on the page that appears:

  7. Enter the alias name in the Alias Local Name field.
  8. In the To Mbox field select the local mailbox you are creating the alias for.
  9. Enter a Comment that will help you identify this alias among other mail resources.
  10. Click Submit.


Removing an Alias

To remove an alias:

  1. Select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu.
  2. Click the Alias you need. This will open its properties on the right:
  3. To delete the alias, just click the Delete icon.

  4. Note: To get technical assistance with this alias, click the icon next to the Trouble Ticket field.

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